The Social Impact of the COVID-19 Vaccine

Posted on by Unity For Equality

For the last year and a half, the world has been socially distancing, wearing masks and staying home whenever possible. The threat of the looming Corona Virus has put us all on edge and separated us from our friends and loved ones.

Because of this, it comes as no surprise that everyone is itching to get out and celebrate the long-awaited return to normalcy. COVID undoubtedly changed the world but with the rollout of vaccines throughout the globe, we may be on the verge of some semblance of the everyday life we miss so dearly.

Cautiously Optimistic

For some, the roll out of the vaccine and the lifting of several restrictions happened in a whirlwind. The time between when the public could access the vaccine and the mask mandate lifted in places like California happened within mere months of each other. While these events brought on a sigh of relief for most, many are sticking to social distancing and mask wearing for the foreseeable future.

Trends Continued

During the lockdown brought on by the pandemic, many of our daily interconnections shifted from in-person to virtual. Jobs and learning became remote, and online shopping sales soared. These trends are expected to continue long after the pandemic is over. Companies found that shifting to remote work saved money and time not only for their employees but also for the company itself. They found that there was no need for expensive buildings or onsite perks such as gyms and cafeterias.

Similarly, retailers found that there was no longer a huge desire for in store shopping, so many shifted their businesses to primarily online. Music and electronic stores in California boarded up shop as their new bread and butter was their online presence. Online shopping is easy and convenient for many, and COVID magnified that fact.

The Roaring 2020’s

Social interaction is expected to return with a bang. The world is itching to get out and celebrate the end of COVID-19, and what better way than to get together and enjoy each other’s company? Although the pandemic is much differentthan the one at the beginning of the 1920’s, people are still going to celebrate and rejoice in the fact that we’ve come out on the other side of a world-wide crisis, and they will celebrate accordingly.

We have all been cooped up for the better part of the year, forgoing activities that we once took for granted such as sporting events, concerts, and parties. The world is itching to get out and make up for lost time. Because of this, everyone is ready to make the rest of the 2020’s a decade to remember.

Things Won’t Be the Same

With the shift to a sense of normalcy brought on by mass vaccinations and a dwindling number of infections, the world is ready to celebrate. Unfortunately things won’t be like they were before. Masks will still remain prevalent for the foreseeable future; distance learning has affected students of all ages, and business models have had to adapt.

People may be apprehensive about returning to the life they once knew before the pandemic out of fear of another COVID wave. It is a fact that COVID has had a large impact on the world as a whole, but there is a bright future ahead, and we are all anxious to get there.