Unity for Equality

India Chapter


Atul Choudhary

Executive Director

Kashish Choudhary

Assistant Director

Digen Bhatia



We envision a life free from inequality and discrimination for everyone.


Gender inequality is deeply rooted in Indian society, leading to disparities in education, employment, political representation, and overall socio-economic conditions for women.


  • Enhance access to quality education for girls, including vocational training and STEM education.
  • Raise awareness about gender stereotypes and promote positive cultural shifts through media campaigns and community engagement.

Environment Degradation

India like any other developing country around the globe is afflicted with environmental injuries. It’s with profound solidarity that we can heal environmental wounds.


  • To promote and implement innovative ways of waste management.
  • To encourage water and electricity saving
  • Curbing carbon emissions through mass plantations and re-plantation

Poverty and Economic Disparity

India faces widespread poverty and economic disparity, with a significant proportion of the population living below the poverty line and lacking access to basic amenities and opportunities.


  • Implement inclusive economic policies that prioritize job creation, skill development, and equitable distribution of resources.
  • Strengthen social welfare programs to provide essential services, such as healthcare, education, and housing, to the marginalized sections of society


We focus on issues we think are the biggest barriers that prevent people from making the most of their lives. For each issue we work on, we fund innovative ideas that could help remove barriers.

Project Sarika

Project Sarika aims to empower and uplift disadvantaged girls by providing them the essentials of life. Countless girls are denied their right to education in light of poverty. As a step towards bringing about a positive change, we will be working with local schools and community leaders. Where proceeds will go towards donating school supplies to underprivileged girls, school uniforms will be donated and will be aiding these underprivileged girls with their tuitions. These supplies will encourage the girls to attend school and escape a cycle of generational poverty, ensuring a better lifestyle for them.

and more projects coming soon