Jyotsana Patel’s Story

Posted on by Unity For Equality

Jyotsana Patel

Housing, New York

I have been living in New York State for thirty years ever since fleeing financial problems back home in India where I worked every moment of the day. After arriving in New York I have worked as a babysitter living in a new home almost everyday requesting people from my own community for space for me to stay as I had no one here that I can call my own.

Almost all my money I earned was spent either paying someone to house me everyday or either for storage to keep my belongings as I could not travel everyday with my bags. I ended up visiting a temple in the community where I prayed for a better tomorrow where I had my own place that I can call my own instead of going house to house depending on others. I then overheard someone saying there was an organization that aides those in distress, I then approached them requesting the information of Unity For Equality.

I can not even say how professional the team at Unity For Equality was helping me have a roof over my head without having to stay a strangers house everyday. I remember that I had pleaded numerous people to help me but the only call that was answered was by Unity For Equality where they aided me financially until I was able to stand on my two feet.

I knew, that the world we live in there is no one that would even help you out of kindness but I was proven wrong when I came across Unity For Equality in 2018.

I am feeling good these days. I am feeling proud of me. My dream came true. I own my own apartment.

Jyotsana, 59, lives in Flushing, New York.