A Big Change for a Big Future
Dana Roller

“Changing the world is up to us. If each of us tries, the next generation may see a happier, more peaceful world emerge.”

Neil Trivedi, Chairman & Founder

That’s what Unity for Equality stands for and works to represent in everything we do. That’s why we recently updated our website. In order to represent who we are and what we stand for, the website had to grow alongside us.

Over the past few months, we have been working hard to make our website easier to navigate and we’reexcited to share the changes that have been made to our website. On Wednesday the 21, two months ahead of schedule, we officially launched our big update.

Although the old website served its purpose for years, it never lived up to the potential we had in mind. The website was created at the start of the organization in 2016 and lasted over the years. All of our information was spread across over 60 separate pages, several of which were extraneous or still contained the “lorem ipsum” filler text. This not only made the information hard to find and the website hard to navigate, but also left it with anunfinished feel. This worked for years, but we wanted to create an easier-to-navigate site where all of our information is more conveniently at your fingertips. On the new and improved site, there is still the same amount of information, but it is better organized and condensed into fewer pages. Beyond making the site more accessible, it was essential that the new website did more to represent the organization’s character.

Where originally we wanted the organization to have a clean and sophisticated presentation, we now want to show off its true personality. Our communities are vibrant and full of diversity, something we wanted our new logo to represent. We swapped out the original black, white, and gold logo for a new logo thatshines withfour vibrant colors: pink, yellow, blue, and green. This change may seem small, but how we present ourselves is crucial to our identity and we wanted to ensure that the world saw Unity for Equality the way we do: approachable and welcoming.

Another significant aspect of this was to ensure the website properly recognizes the people that make the organization what it is. There is alarge and dedicatedteam behind everything we do here at Unity for Equality, so it was important to celebrate the people that make this organization special. On the previous site, it was complicated and difficult to find everyone. Our new “meet the team” section ensures everyone can see the people at the heart of this organization. It was also important that anyone who wanted to become a part of this large and vibrant team could apply quickly and directly from the website.

When asked what his favorite update to the website was, our founder, Neil Trivedi, responded that he was most excited about the new application process. Now any applications to join the organization can be filled out on the website and will be sent directly to the HR department. We hope that with this simplified process, anyone who wants to start working for the organization can do so quickly and easily. 

This update to Unity for Equality’s website was done as much for our audience as it was for us. A more accessible and easier-to-navigate site that truly represented who we are and what we stand for was a necessary next step in our organization’s growth.