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Neil Trivedi

Neil Trivedi began working in 2008, when he joined civic and community boards to influence change in local areas. He observed the current hardships people were experiencing due to various societal problems.

Educational Background

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Professional Experience

Launch of Diwali Stamp Event,

November 2016

My Work

During his high school years Neil partnered with local community activists and elected officials to educate for various societal problems that were impacting the communities such as Social Justice, Reform, Immigrant Rights, Equal Employment Opportunities, Gender Equality, Tenant Rights, Public Safety, and Animal Rights.


In 2016, Neil met with community activists and officially formed Unity For Equality to help provide the tools and resources that communities needed to thrive and succeed. Unity For Equality’s objectives involve Senior Support Services, Civic Engagement, Financial Advocacy, Environmental Advocacy, Health Care Support Services, Educational Services, and Advocating for Immigrant Rights. Keeping consistent with his devotion to public service, he has been a great speaker at college events in order to inspire millennial involvement.

"Changing the world is up to us. If each of us tries, the next generation may see a happier, more peaceful world emerge."

– Neil Trivedi

My Motivation

I came up with the idea of Unity For Equality based off of seeing the issues that existed in the communities when I would travel. Whether these issues were from Agriculture, Health, Housing, Education, Energy, Financial Inclusion, Workforce Development to Water & Sanitation. Individuals in communities were tired of the false promises from their government and other organizations where they then started living in silence. I was tired of seeing people suffer in silence and go through hardships losing faith completely.


People would approach me to help them and then I realized that I needed to put something together in order to help more people to make an impact around the world that there were more issues to advocate for than what was in front of me.

Taking phone calls with the members of community and continuing social work duties in the midst of undergoing spinal surgery,

March 2020

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