The World of Crystal Healing
Viscette Villalobos

The world is a scary place. Being alive during anxious times puts us all at the brink of madness. Searching for a solution; crystals provide solace. 

We are in the midst of a health crisis, suffering through the repercussions of the coronavirus epidemic. Our nation is facing one of the greatest economic recessions. Each person’s health and wellbeing is at stake. That being said, we are all trying to cope and heal for the sake of our own wellness. 

With the recession, people have opted for more holistic choices and reject luxury. Individualism and mind, body, and soul protection all find a place within the world of crystal healing. The mysticism of crystals has enchanted our minds for centuries, and when all else fails, our Earth’s most sacred stones will always be there. In the form of necklaces, rings, earrings, or simply carrying crystals in pockets has seen a rise over the past two years. Coronavirus allowed us all time in isolation and quarantine to soul search and gifted us all time to self-care and indulge our minds into things we would not have time for otherwise. People have turned to crystals to provide mental stability, good blood circulation, and aid in lymphatic drainage of the body. 

At the very foundation, crystals alone are not healing. Through recent times however, we as a society have learned to manifest better days and put our best foot forward with good intentions. For that reason, those who turn to crystal methods are able to confide in the crystals and put good energy into the base of their palms every morning when clasping that Citrine necklace onto the backs of their necks. 

Citrine is a stone known to bring money and prosperity. Other popular stones include Rose Quartz, known for promoting feelings of self-love and emotional balance in relationships. Amethyst keeps one balanced and calm. Jade eliminates fear and provides comfort. Celestite aids during bought of stress and removes toxins. 

All of the stone’s usages have us all intrigued. Can a stone really bring me money? Will I finally be able to sleep at night? The truth is yes! Allowing yourself to put negative emotions and anxieties onto another object relieves the stress from ourselves. Of course, there will not be one million dollars magically in your checking account, but you will be able to sleep better at night without the thought of how the bills are going to get paid at the forefront of your mind each night. 

Let the crystals consume those thoughts.