U.S. Debt Ceiling Crisis
Diana Velasquez

Janet L. Yellen, the Secretary of the Treasury, wrote the congressional leadership on January 13, 2023, discussing the debt ceiling. She has been pressuring Congress to approve a bill to increase the nation’s $31.4 trillion debt ceiling as this will allow the United States to borrow more money to meet its spending obligations (Ewall-Wice). The […]

Politics’ Impact on the Stock Market and Economy
Diana Velasquez

Most individuals are unaware of the power political news has to sway the stock market. It is evident that it may have an influence on the economy, yet many Americans do not follow stock market indices unless they are investors or merely enjoy reading about the latest financial news. Reviewing the S&P 500, Dow Jones […]

Good Vibes Only: The Origin of DJ SZNaina and Her Genre-Bending Music
Jason Lee

Recently, Unity for Equality had the honor of interviewing DJ SZNaina, a spectacular DJ who started her career in Seattle and is now based in New York. Over the years, she has performed multiple gigs, combining elements of Electronic Dance Music (EDM) and Bollywood music in order to captivate her audience. Offering further insight into […]

The World of Crystal Healing
Viscette Villalobos

The world is a scary place. Being alive during anxious times puts us all at the brink of madness. Searching for a solution; crystals provide solace.  We are in the midst of a health crisis, suffering through the repercussions of the coronavirus epidemic. Our nation is facing one of the greatest economic recessions. Each person’s […]

To Feel Past The Numbness: How To Deal With Mental Apathy
Eponine Seccafico

Mental apathy is an affliction of the mind that is suffered in silence and often left unrecognized. It begins in the brain and spreads to the body, leaving those who bear it stripped of their strength and with an unwillingness to go about their lives. It is a numbness, like a parasite, that intends to consume […]

Want to Start a Business? Here are the Pros and Cons
Humna Saqib

When you decide to start your business, you go through a wide range of emotions from excitement to fear. All the emotions are reasonable because starting a business is a big step. It takes your time and energy, and often time revolves around elevated risk factors. You want to make sure you know what business you […]

Remembering Queen Elizabeth II: A Complex Legacy
Georgia Mitchell

There’s no doubt that Queen Elizabeth II was beloved. From the flowers left outside royal sites across the UK, to the hundreds of tents pitched outside Buckingham Palace ahead of her funeral procession, to the intricate sand art tributes made on beaches around the world (see one such work here), it’s clear that the world is […]

How We Should Remember 9/11
Eponine Seccafico

The eleventh day of September in the year 2001, though over two decades old, is a day that many recall and relive in an abundance of ways. Implemented by a fundamental and extremist religious group called Al-Qaeda and orchestrated by their late leader Osama bin Laden, the 9/11 Terror Attacks had made their marks on […]